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Here you will find much resources dedicated to The rivalry between the legandary games characters Mario and Sonic Mario in Mushroom city and sonic in Chrismas island. Mario vs Sonic.

Mario Vs Sonic SSBB

Ok so this is the first staged fight between Mario and sonic  to be hosted here. in this fight we will be comparing how sonic and Mario abilities stand up against each other in the game Super Smash Bros Brawl. This game is one of the first games in which Mario and sonic can battle it out on an even playing field. We will first find out some statistical information on Mario and sonic so that you can get a better idea of their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this process is to give you an unbiased view of both Mario and sonic. After you are presented with the information you will decide who will win the fight. to do this you will need to take part in Mario Vs Sonic Poll.

ok so we will start with Mario


Mario has been part of the Smash Bros games form the very beginning. He is a Well known character in Super Smash Bros and is a common favourite. Mario's fighting style hugely mimics his well known Platforming abilities. Mario is also the most balanced fighter in the game,  Mario has no great strengths or weaknesses, but Mario does have several useful aerial attacks, making him ideal for and air game. Being Well balanced makes him a good choice for beginners.


  • Has good overall ability, Balanced strengths and weaknesses
  • Cape reflects enemy projectiles
  • Good knockback with air attacks
  • 2 projectile attacks
  • F.L.U.D.D. can be used to edge guard


  • Short grab and attack range
  • F.L.U.D.D. does no damage
  • His fireball is weak




Moves list



Ok so now we will move onto Sonic


Sonic the Hedgehog has his own place in video games history , Sonic is the mascot for Sega and is particularly known for his speed. Sonics fighting style in brawl also closely mimics his  his famous speed platforming style.

Sonic is the fastest character in smash bros brawl he is also very light.Sonic has a good range of recovery moves which make him a tough opponent. However being the fastest does not make perfect. Some of Sonics attacks have a small delay and can be dodged by a skilled player, but the majority of move a fast and unavoidable. Sonic is not also not the strongest character in fact he is one of the games weakest characters. However Sonic make up for this by using his speed agility and great almost unavoidable close quarters attacks



  • Fastest dashing speed in the game
  • Very fast movement
  • Attacks are almost instant and nearly lag-free
  • Small target to hit being petit and light
  • Can use any of his Special Move for a recovery!


  • His Attacks are weak
  • He has NO projectile attacks
  • Being Light-weight makes him fly farther when attacked



sonic moves list

So we hope that you now have a clearer understanding of how Mario and Sonic compare to each other at least in the Smash bros brawl universe. We suggest you take our Mario Vs Sonic Poll to find out who other think is better.

Sonic Vs Mario Stop Animation

This Sonic vs Mario video clip is a great stop animation where Sonic and Mario battle it out in New York city. This clip is 3.33 minutes long. The creator of the video must have spent alot of time making this video. This cool mario vs sonic animation also features kameos from Superman and Tales. We particularly like the battle at the end where the two rivals battle it out on the statue of liberty and fall out of the sky at the end. Check the cool stop animation to find out what wikk happen and who will win this fight.

Mario vs Sonic No3

This Mario vs Sonic blog was ranked on google in position 3 for the search term Mario vs Sonic. I know its a long shot, but could someone please explain what has happened to my site being indexed for Mario vs Sonic. I Want google to rank me No 3 again. Lolzy Peace out Mario vs Sonic.

Sonic vs Mario SSBB fight

A Spectacular Mario vs Sonic clip from Super Smash Bros Brawl. T Sonic and Mario clip shows just how close the war is between both these two rivals. Before you watch this video can you guess who is going to win. Sonic's speed or Mario's all round ability. Remember to keep note of the moves as i will be analyzing various similar videos and comparing Sonic vs Mario.

Question time; Mario vs Sonic

So its Sonic vs Mario time again, and we just want to let all our readers know that we would appreciate it if they can participate in our Mario vs Sonic Poll. We are currently conducting research on how we are going to fairly compare Mario and Sonic.
The final results will depend on you. just to make sure im not being biased i will base the final score on 50 percent audience. this is going to be a great war. Who will win in this Sonic vs Mario duel.

Mario and sonic what do they have in common.

Mario and Sonic have been great rivals for over 20 years now. both mario and Sonic are great heroes who have saved their world many times.Before we start to comapare these heroes i am going to let u know a little about what Mario and Sonic are known for.

Mario is know for his Power jump and fire balls. He always seems to be brawling with his arch nemesis Bowser. Boweser has thing for princess Peach and so Boweser always seems to kidnap her. Mario being a sucker for damsels in destrees always saves her, Restoring peace to the mushroom kingdom.

Sonic on the other hand has a different range of powers. Sonic has his spin attack and his super speed. SOnic has a very cool image. Sonics arch nemesis is dr robotnik. He is super smart with an IQ of 300.

who do you think would win a fight Sonc vs mario.

Mario Vs sonic in the games

While thinking up ideas on how i am going to stage the mario vs sonic contest a great idea occured. To get to the bottom of this rivalry i would need to find a middle ground. To be totally unbiased  we need to be acknowledge that mario and sonic are form totally different universes. Yes ! the Nintendo and Sega universe, yet another great rivalry that makes this Sonic vs Mario duel even more exciting. but more to the point, It occured to me that Mario and Sonic have already pitted it out it a certain number of video games.

This first on my list to feature Sonic vs Mario is Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. This game will definately be used to help judge who is better. See the clip below to see Mario Vs sonic in Smash style.

the second game im going to use to help me get my conclusion is mario and sonic at the olympic games. This will give a good indication of how the characters compare to eachother, as this games is a coloboration between Nintendo and Sega.

mario intro

Mario is one of the most famous games characters in the world hands down. Mario is a creation and mascot of Nintendo. Mario's occupation is a plumber, but it seems he is always saving the world and Princes Peach from his nemesis Bowser. Mario also has a brother called Luigi Who helps him in his adventures in Mushroom kingdom.

Sonic Games

Sonic Intro

sonic has featured in countless games, he is a huge mascot for sega and one of he most popular video game characters in the world. Sonic is a heroic hedgehog with attitude. In my opinion Sonic is one of the coolest game characters of all time, im sure most people would agree.Sonics mai nemesis is Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, who is alwys think up new plans to take over the world. Sonic also has a side kick calles Tales who can fly using his tail.

Sonic Information

Sonic Videos

Sonic Pictures

Mario Games

Mario Videos

Mario Pictures

Sonic: is being the fastest always the best ?

sonic is the fastest character in the video game world, his abilities give him the competitive advantage, well not for everything as the picture suggest.

Sonic or Mario ? A cool animation

A great little animation where Mario and Sonic battle it out through both of their universes. This animator takes a little inspiration form Dragonball Z. Im not giving you no spoilers, so your just going to have to watch the clip

Everybody has a favourite ! Mario or sonic

Before i yield the results to this mario vs sonic competition i would like to clarify a few things. Marion and sonic are from different worlds, this makes the competition that little bit harder to judge. In mushroom kingdom Mario prevails king. In his world and now galaxy mario can fly, throw fire balls and work much more magic and trickery. However Sonic is also just as good in his universe. Sonic is suppose to be the fastes thing alive, in his recent iteration Sonic also makes an apperance as a warehog. yes thats a werewolf hedgehog.

We here at mario vs sonic would appreciate if you could comment on this post with some of your ideas on the issue of comparing mario vs sonic fairly. Dont forget to vot in our poll so we can get an idea of who the audiences vote is on.

Mario: a little info

Mario is one of the most famous games characters in the world hands down. Mario is a creation and mascot of Nintendo. Mario's occupation is a plumber, but it seems he is always saving the world and Princes Peach from his nemesis Bowser. Mario also has a brother called Luigi Who helps him in his adventures in Mushroom kingdom.

Sonic vs Mario is live

Welcome to Sonic vs Mario, on this site you will find information about Mario Vs Sonic. We will give you a run down on the characters abilities. Will aim to campare mario an sonics key attributes and give an unbiased opinion.

Mario and sonic have always been big rivals, these two icons have been at war for over twenty years, but hopefully now we can set the argument to rest and find out once and for all who is the best. This is like the days when Nintendo and Sega lead the console wars with the Megadrive(Genesis) and SNES Let the games begin.