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Here you will find much resources dedicated to The rivalry between the legandary games characters Mario and Sonic Mario in Mushroom city and sonic in Chrismas island. Mario vs Sonic.

Mario Vs sonic in the games

While thinking up ideas on how i am going to stage the mario vs sonic contest a great idea occured. To get to the bottom of this rivalry i would need to find a middle ground. To be totally unbiased  we need to be acknowledge that mario and sonic are form totally different universes. Yes ! the Nintendo and Sega universe, yet another great rivalry that makes this Sonic vs Mario duel even more exciting. but more to the point, It occured to me that Mario and Sonic have already pitted it out it a certain number of video games.

This first on my list to feature Sonic vs Mario is Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. This game will definately be used to help judge who is better. See the clip below to see Mario Vs sonic in Smash style.

the second game im going to use to help me get my conclusion is mario and sonic at the olympic games. This will give a good indication of how the characters compare to eachother, as this games is a coloboration between Nintendo and Sega.