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Here you will find much resources dedicated to The rivalry between the legandary games characters Mario and Sonic Mario in Mushroom city and sonic in Chrismas island. Mario vs Sonic.

Mario and sonic what do they have in common.

Mario and Sonic have been great rivals for over 20 years now. both mario and Sonic are great heroes who have saved their world many times.Before we start to comapare these heroes i am going to let u know a little about what Mario and Sonic are known for.

Mario is know for his Power jump and fire balls. He always seems to be brawling with his arch nemesis Bowser. Boweser has thing for princess Peach and so Boweser always seems to kidnap her. Mario being a sucker for damsels in destrees always saves her, Restoring peace to the mushroom kingdom.

Sonic on the other hand has a different range of powers. Sonic has his spin attack and his super speed. SOnic has a very cool image. Sonics arch nemesis is dr robotnik. He is super smart with an IQ of 300.

who do you think would win a fight Sonc vs mario.